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If you want to build and grow your accounting practice you MUST embrace the New Rules of Marketing for Accountants.

In just about every industry including the accounting niche, those who embrace online marketing and social media have prospererd, and those that have not embraces these new mediums have suffered greatly.

Today every accounting practice must learn and embrace marketing as a key function of the business. In fact every small business should do the same. You can have the best accountants and tax advisors working for your accounting practice but unless you have clients to do the accounting work for you will struggle to survive or grow.

This is where The New Rules of Marketing for Accountants comes in.

Marketing an accounting practice is no different to marketing a small business.

You first need to identify your target market and work out who your ideal clients are.

Then you need to create marketing messages that speak directly to those ideal clients and deliver those messages through the most ideal marketing mediums.

Like it or not, online marketing is the marketing medium to deliver your message today.

There may have been a time when word of mouth referrals were all your needed to build your practice.

However in recent years since information has become more freely available online, YOUR potential word of referral clients are going online to CHECK YOU OUT.

They use Google and Social Media to do their research on you before contacting you for an appointment.

If you do not have a professional looking website that contains the information about who you are, the services you provide and what makes you different from other accounting firms in the area, then that word of mouth referral might decide to go somewhere else.

And in a lot of cases they do.

Whilst you may provide the best service and advice it's how you are perceived by potential clients that matters most, not what you think of you.

10 New Rules of Marketing for Accountant "Must Do Activities" to Grow Your Practice

  • You need an effective website that is designed to appeal to your "ideal client"
  • Your website content must list all your services and clearly explain how you help clients
  • All your social media profiles need to be aligned with your website
  • Content marketing - writing blog posts, articles & creating videos on tax, business, wealth creation, super funds etc.
  • Send out an Email Newsletter once a week or fortnight (at the very least monthly)
  • Build a database of potential clients and communicate with them
  • Invest in SEO to get your website found at the top of Google when potential clients are looking for you online
  • Advertise your website to attract new business using Google Adwords
  • Plan and Run events in your local community 2-4 times per year (become the authority in marketplace)
  • Develop a marketing mindset and get better at marketing (or hire a marketing company to do it for you)

My team and I at Markey My Practice specialise in helping accountants build, market and grow their practices using the New Rules of Marketing for Accountants - best practice marketing strategies.

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